How Clomid Works in Men

admin / October 12, 2017

Clomid is an anti-estrogen drug of non-steroid structure. In modern medical practice, Clomid drug is used to stimulate ovulation in infertile women.

Pharmacological action of Clomid is due to specific binding to the pituitary estrogen receptors. Clomid blocks the estrogen receptors in the hypothalamus and ovaries, increases the secretion of gonadotropic hormones pituitary (LH, FSH), that stimulate the maturation and endocrine activity of a follicle. As a result Clomid stimulates ovulation. Clomid drug not only stimulates ovulation in women but also increases estradiol concentration in the blood plasma.

Clomid use in low dosages has a moderate estrogenic effect, i.e. the drug increases gonadotropins secretion that contributes to the stimulation. When prescribing Clomid in high dosages, it has an anti-estrogenic effect, i.e. slows down gonadotropins secretion. Clomid drug does not possess gestagen and androgenic activity.

Despite the fact that Clomid drug is intended only for women, there are data that Clomid use in men is no less effective. Men use Clomid mostly for sport. Men take Clomid in bodybuilding at the end of steroids therapy to maintain muscle mass.

After steroids discontinuation to maintain muscle mass, it is important as soon as possible to restore testosterone production. When using Clomid, the gonadotropic hormones production occurs which increases the natural testosterone production in male’s body. So, in bodybuilding Clomid drug is taken after steroids use.

Moreover, it is believed that combined use of Clomid together with chorionic gonadotropic hormone or Clomid use after chorionic gonadotropic hormone drugs contributes to greater efficiency in maintaining muscle mass.

The difference between Clomid and chorionic gonadotropic hormone is that Clomid affects hypothalamus and pituitary gland that actuates the entire reflex arc.  Chorionic gonadotropic hormone increases LH impact which makes testicles cells to produce more testosterone. In addition, testosterone level significantly increases a few hours after oral use of chorionic gonadotropic hormone. So, men first take chorionic gonadotropic hormone and subsequently combine its use with Clomid to maintain muscle mass.

However, Clomid use in men is not approved by the FDA, so Clomid tablets use is contraindicated for men. There are several cases of high risk of side effects as a result of Clomid use in men.

Taking Clomid, majority of men maintained muscle mass, felt the increased energy and sexual desire. However, there were cases when men became aggressive, feeling of anger and depression increased in Clomid use.

Visual changes in men are also caused by Clomid use. Visual disorders can occur due to the fact that pituitary gland varies in size, since it is located close to the optic nerve. If Clomid use causes visual disorders, such as circles before the eyes or blurring images, stop using Clomid drug. In prolonged use of Clomid, liver dysfunction and gynecomastia development (breast enlargement in men) are not excluded.

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